The most commonplace that new notaries begin to build their newfound business is General Notary Work which we will refer to as GNW. GNW is the simpler, more common form of notarizations completed nationwide.

Simply put GNW is any document that needs to be notarized that are not a real estate transaction. This includes everything from Power of Attorney, wills, title and transfers and many more. This is a great way to start building experience and getting your feet wet, so they say.

When I got started in the business in 2014, this was exactly where I started. Some people want to jump right into loan closings, which is perfectly fine however my method teaches you to set up your GNW systems first so you can start bringing in some quick money. The reason being is that solely focusing on loan closings in the beginning is Russian Roulette.

Some people strike gold and are booked solid instantly while others it takes a few weeks or even months to be booked solid.

To prevent you from losing momentum and getting discouraged, I recommend starting off building your general notary work portion of your business first. When you complete notarizations for general notary work clients, you are paid the same day and usually in cash. You can then use this money to further invest into building your loan closing portion of your business. One major expense for new notaries is getting into the loan closing portion is the LaserJet dual-tray printer that can cost upwards of $500.

One strategy I teach my students is to build their GNW clientele and take at least 30% of all revenue to reinvest into their business.

This is the most commonplace for most notaries to begin building their notary business because of the simplicity of it. Generating general notary work clients involves marketing to your local community and you can do that in several ways. One most popular form of marketing for general notary work is creating a free Google business page.

Today, typically when one is searching for a service or product, we look on Google for the best recommendations. Having your notary business listed on Google will increase your visibility to your local community and therefore increase your clientele. Remember Google business pages are always free, but like any free product, they’re always paid add-ons. For this particular business model, I would not recommend doing Google AdWords for marketing. Google also gives you the option to pay for your own domain for a website and this is optional. I must stress the difference between a Google business page and a Google website. I highly recommend the Google business page however the Google business website is completely optional. Having your business listed on Google is going to skyrocket your GNW clientele.