Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen major shifts in every industry including the notary industry. The major change we have all seen is the drastic switch to electronic notarizations. Prior to COVID-19, there was only about 5-8 states that were allowing for notaries to complete E-Notarizations. Now the majority of the United States allows their notaries to not only work as E-Notaries but to also complete RON aka Remote Online Notarizations which is huge for independent notary businesses/individual notaries.  

Being allowed to conduct RONs, allows notaries to work from the safety and comfort of their own homes and notarize documents for US citizens and residents who are anywhere in the world. The earning potential is so immense that the E-Notary industry is growing leaps and bounds. What does that mean for you as a notary? You need to obtain your approval from your state if your state has an application process and set up your E-Notary credentials to start working and earning money as an E-Notary. Notary2Notary trains notaries nationwide on how to set up and build their E-Notary business at  

Also, be mindful of these surges of E-Notary requests to be aware and vigilant of scammers who are looking to take advantage of a newly emerging industry that still lacks the security systems in place to protect not only the notary but individuals in our communities.

Be sure to only notarize documents on approved E-Notary platforms and only after verifying valid identification over a video session that is recorded for security purposes.

In 2021, notaries stand to make a drastic increase in income but they also need to increase their degree of care when notarizing documents for individuals and businesses.