New Feature Launch: Notary Assist

As a professional notary, you know managing your business can be time-consuming. You’re always on the go, and it can be hard to keep up with all the paperwork and administrative tasks that come with the job. But there’s an easier way –– NotaryAssist business management software! Trusted by thousands of notaries since 2007, this […]

Let’s Talk RON with Blue Notary

Some inventions never need an update, like rocking chairs or the paperclip. Others have undergone some definite efficiency upgrades, like the typewriter to the laptop or like dial-up internet to whatever internet you are reading this on now. The latest efficiency upgrade that is occurring is that of Remote Online Notarization. The baby boomer generation […]

The Integrity Journal

The Integrity Notary Journal is the perfect journal for multiple document signings – loan closings, estate planning, and general notary work.