Let’s Talk RON with Blue Notary

Some inventions never need an update, like rocking chairs or the paperclip.

Others have undergone some definite efficiency upgrades, like the typewriter to the laptop or like dial-up internet to whatever internet you are reading this on now.

The latest efficiency upgrade that is occurring is that of Remote Online Notarization. The baby boomer generation is getting older and the generations raised on computers, smartphones, and apps are growing up.

While some people are still firing up their computer to search for “notary near me” a new generation is beginning to type “how to get my document notarized online” in their search bar.

Let’s chat about RON!

Today we’re introducing a new platform that’s making it simple and fast for notaries to start building their own online notary business.

BlueNotary was launched in May of 2022 and has quickly joined the notary scene. The main way they have done this is by offering a free platform for notaries to hop in and get started. And it’s really free. No hidden fees or anything as long as you are doing what’s known as General Notary Work.

What qualifies as General Notary Work you might ask? 

Well that’s what we’re writing to break down. BlueNotary counts anything that isn’t refinance, HELOC, or other loan packages as GNW, but we thought we’d provide a resource to clarify the different documents you might be notarizing and what they’d be categorized as.

General Notary Work can be found at all kinds of institutions as well as within your social circle. As you can see the possibilities to pick up GNW in your community are far and wide. 

Here’s a short list of places that often require General Notary Work:

-Hospitals-Jails-Adoption Agencies-Rehab Centers-Private & Charter Schools-Banks (for documents they aren’t able to handle)-Car Dealerships-Law Firms-Nursing Homes

The main thing that you need to do, is put yourself out there and be professional! Good things come to those who put in the work. Especially in such a personal industry.

Touching a bit more on the BlueNotary platform from above. BlueNotary provides you the tools to build your business beyond just their free program. They also offer a pro-hybrid membership complete with open calls and the ability to invoice your clients outside of BlueNotary for as little as $2 per notarization. This means you can name your own rates as opposed to the $25 flat rate payout you receive under their free plan. Under this plan you can also perform the higher ticket Loan Signing Packages online for a flat rate of $25. You just need to negotiate your own price.

Remote Online Notarization does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. And the fact that signers and notaries can perform it from the comfort of their own homes is changing the notarization game. 

We’re excited to see how Remote Online Notarization makes its mark on the industry going forward!