Building A Successful Notary Business

Building a successful notary business requires careful planning, thorough research, and detailed analysis. It secures significant funding from various sources, including personal savings, support from family and friends, credit card financing, bank loans, crowdfunding, and potential angel investors. Key steps to establish a thriving notary business: Determining your business goals is the first step towards […]

Let’s Talk RON with Blue Notary

Some inventions never need an update, like rocking chairs or the paperclip. Others have undergone some definite efficiency upgrades, like the typewriter to the laptop or like dial-up internet to whatever internet you are reading this on now. The latest efficiency upgrade that is occurring is that of Remote Online Notarization. The baby boomer generation […]

6 Must – Have Notary Tools

Whether you are a new or established Notary, having the right tools will always make a difference! A professional Notary Public is someone who is always willing to invest in the latest and best technologies to make their work more efficient. Here are some of the latest digital tools that every Notary should have: Secured […]